Tips to Put a Poker Face On

You’re always lost in poker games. Hey, maybe it’s not your technique. Hey, it’s your face! Your opponents beat you all the time since they can tell all about you! Yup, you’re practically an open book, easily to read by anyone. And for ending your days to get beaten all the time in poker, you better learn on how to put poker face on! Here are few tips to fool everyone.

Learn to relax! Yup, file this into your brain; relaxation is the key for getting the best poker face in the world! Apart from of how much cash you’re playing for, it’s just a game at the end! Calm you down and stay cool, you can’t afford to show your emotions to your rivals. They’ll eat you up if you’re not relaxed Mysport99!

Keep a blank cold character inside of you! You don’t have one? Watch TV, it should gives you great ideas. Better yet, pick a tough Sicilian expression that says “I do this all the time”. You’re the ruler Don! Yup, put this expression on, you’ll be a mysterious player. Here’s the tricky part, your poker rivals will try to psyche you out! Don’t let them get you! You see, poker is a game based mostly on instincts. So go with your gut, follow your instinct! Don’t let other players tell you. Stop to think logically!

Okay, now let’s talk about common things. Yup, keep your voice as normally as you possibly can, since by the tone and pitch of voice, other players can tell the whole thing about you. Also try not twitch or fidget, do not twirl your hair, and control your breathing. Yup, these things can let your rivals to slay you! Just let’s your eyes do the talking! Keeping your poker face can be hard to do, but as the old man says, it was the practice that make perfect.

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