Fabian Salas, Researcher and Teacher of Tango Nuevo


Occasionally once you talk about a few of the wonderful masters of Argentine Tango, you simply take it for granted, which everyone knows about them.

Maybe though it will make sense to tell a bit about Fabian Salas.

Throughout its “Golden Age”, Tango was danced anywhere in Buenos Aires and you also learned to dance Tango seeing your parents or other dancers from the city.

This occurred entirely naturally. Everybody saw and imitated the fantastic dancers. . .and practiced. Opportunities to perform so that you discovered anywhere. Nobody needed to consider teaching techniques or didactics Tango.

Fast forward into the eighties. Following the end of military dictatorship in Argentina that the Tango scene has shifted entirely. Just a few dancers stay who’ve dwelt at the Golden Age and may pass on their understanding. The majority of them are exceptional dancers, but have not wasted an idea on how best to educate Tango effectively.

A group of young amateurs around Fabian Salas and Gustavo Naveira now attempts to find out, the way the older milongueros danced. They attempt to find a deep understanding how the dynamics and movements of the dance work and also create for the first time a didactically based instruction procedure. This method until now has a large effect on all Tango dancers, regardless of if they dancing conventional Tango or Tango Nuevo.

However, they don’t cease at the point. Together with their deep understanding of the dynamics of Tango they split with older, occasionally rigid conventions and produce a new method of dance Tango, more receptive, more eloquent. And they begin to dance to songs, which hasn´t been contemplated danceable until afterward, by way of instance the music of Astor Piazzola.

Fabián Salas becomes world renowned as one of the primary personalities of Sally Potter´s world renowned Tango film “The Tango Lesson”, collectively with Gustavo Naveira and Pablo Veron. All three of these are outside any doubt fabulous dancers. Yet there are distinct facets contributed to them.

Even though Gustavo Naveira is reported to be the major choreographer and inventor of the three, and Pablo Veron is regarded as the greatest dancer, Fabián Salas is undoubtedly the best instructor of this trio. He developed a exceptional style of instruction and is believed to be among the greatest tango teachers globally. Whoever gets the opportunity to learn from him, especially at a small, intimate group gets over just “Tango lessons. It’s a exceptional experience that catapults Fabiáns pupils dancing skills to a high degree.

Nevertheless Fabián Salas isn’t merely a teacher but also the creator and chief organizer of the CITA, the world´s most famous Argentine Tango festival. He brings together tango dancers from all the various styles of Tango, from Tango Nuevo to more conventional.

Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt Sculptor, stone mason, painter and tango teacher Via Campagna 17 Castel Rigone 06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG) Tel/Fax 075 845457 Mobile 349 0764 009
Wolfgang resides and functions as free performer close to Munich, Germany, and Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy. Aside from being a sculptor He’s also tango dancer and instructor. He’s been dancing Argentine Tango because 1994 learning by the worlds greatest tango dancers and educators. He offers Argentine Tango courses at Villa La Rogaia at Umbria, Italy focussing on the comprehension of the songs, on the stability with the spouse and the other couples on the dance floor along with also the joy of dancing instead of memorizing measures.

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